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Author Marc Silver discusses how breast cancer affects husbands

When Marc Silver first found out that his wife had breast cancer, he was stunned, and felt powerless.

Silver's wife survived the disease, but the journalist realized that many men had gone through similar experiences, and he began to write Breast Cancer Husband, a book detailing how he felt during his wife's diagnosis and treatment, according to

One important subject that Silver touches upon is the need for men to communicate with others, as husbands and boyfriends are often frustrated by their inability to solve the problem themselves.

"Women have a network of friends and confidants and guys don't have that," Silver told the news source. "The ones they confide in are their wives and they don't want to burden their wives who are dealing with radiation."

According to the American Cancer Society, women over the age of 40 should begin to schedule annual mammograms. However, those who have a higher risk of the disease should consult with their doctor to determine if more frequent screenings may be beneficial.
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