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Breast cancer patients should maintain regular exercise routine

The benefits of exercise are undoubtedly endless, but now a group of researchers at the Henry Ford hospital in Detroit are encouraging breast cancer patients to sneak in a workout - even while they're in treatment.

"Using exercise as an approach to cancer care has the potential to benefit patients both physically and psychologically, as well as mitigate treatment side effects," said Eleanor M. Walker, lead author of the study.

She and her colleagues developed a program called ExCITE (Exercise and Cancer Integrative Therapies and Education), which works with breast and colon cancer patients to develop individualized exercise programs.

"Overall, the program makes you feel better about yourself," says Cheryl Fallen, who participated in ExCITE after being diagnosed with the disease.

While staying in shape may prove beneficial for breast cancer patients, working out may also contribute towards its prevention. According to the Mayo Clinic, women who exercise often and cut down on alcohol may decrease their odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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