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Brides can support breast cancer victims while shopping for wedding dresses

For many women, finding the perfect wedding dress is a lengthy process fraught with anxiety and stress. However, it might ease the minds of those in the midst of wedding planning to know that the money they spend on a beautiful gown is going to a good cause.

Brides-to-be can seek out dress sales sponsored by the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, and rest assured that the money they drop on a wedding dress will benefit a woman who is fighting the disease.

Because the money is clearly going to a good cause, maybe it will reduce the guilt that some women may feel if they go a little over budget to nab the dress of their dreams!

Dresses are donated to the Oregon organization from bridal shops, dress designers and newlywed brides who are willing to part with their gently-used gown.

As of now, the initiative has earned over $4 million for the cause. The money is used to grant wishes to those who are suffering from breast cancer. Previously, patients have asked to renew their vows with their spouse and to visit Disney World.
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