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Cancer rates are up in New York State, but death rates are down

In breast cancer health news, New York State's cancer rates are up compared to ten years ago, but death rates from cancer are lower than before.

A recent report by the state's draft cancer plan stated that close to 7,000 more cancer diagnoses were made last year than a decade before, the Associated Press reports. Despite this alarming number, approximately 3,000 fewer New York citizens lost their lives to cancer than ten years ago. The source states that the New York Health Department believes the trends to be a result of earlier and more advanced detection methods and improved treatment options.

The report says that "Data shows that 65 percent of all individuals diagnosed with cancer in the years from 2004-2008 survived. Five and 10-year survival rates for all children younger than age 15 diagnosed with cancer improved from 61 percent in the late '70s to 88.5 percent by 2002."

There are many different factors that can contribute to your risk of developing breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, some claimed factors remain disputed or unproven. One such rumor surrounds the idea of antiperspirants furthering your risk of breast cancer, while others suggest that bras and breast implants can increase your risk.
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