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Thermography an option for breast cancer screening

With all of the debate surrounding mammography guidelines over the past few months, some women have turned to alternative screening techniques to take a proactive approach to breast cancer awareness.

Because she had a family history of breast cancer, Colorado resident Jenn Jackson knew that breast cancer screening would be crucial to monitoring her health, ABC affiliate News 7 reports.

Though the American Cancer Society has recommended that women 40 and over get a mammogram each year, at 34 years old, Jackson opted to look into a screening technique called thermography.

Thermographic technician Tirza Derflinger explained to the process to the news source, saying, "Our camera captures a picture of the heat emitted to the surface of the body."

She added that the camera can detect "certain thermal findings or warning signs or risk factors, particularly in our breasts."

If the camera captures dark spots in the breast, doctors advise patients to closely monitor their health, and in some cases recommend a special diet to curb the abnormality.

Currently, the American Cancer Society recommends that women in their 20s and 30s begin receiving breast cancer screenings as part of a periodic health exam.
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