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Woman fakes breast cancer for donations, time off

For many people, telling their loved ones that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer is nearly as difficult as receiving the diagnosis itself. But for Keele Maynor, a 39-year-old Hamilton County, Tennessee, resident, it was probably especially hard to break the news. Because she was lying.

It was recently uncovered that Maynor faked a diagnosis of breast cancer to glean money from her local church, and used thousands of dollars worth of extra sick days from her City Hall job, according to the Associated Press.

Maynor, who received donations from neighbors and organizations who were sympathetic to her plight, claimed to be a single mother with breast cancer on several internet blogs, the news source reports.

During proceedings, it was revealed that she was given $27,000 in total from support groups and charities in addition to benefits from her job.

Now that her false claims have come to light, Maynor faces up to six years in prison.

Though she exploited the disease for her own financial gain, approximately one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at some point in their life. Those who wish to donate their time or money towards fighting the condition or raising breast cancer awareness should thoroughly investigate an organization before supporting it.
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