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Latest Fighting Hunger & Poverty Articles

Making Clicks Count: 2013 Amounts to Another Amazing Year

Jan 2, 2014: Daily clicks contributed to another incredible year at GreaterGood, generating millions of cups of food for hungry shelter animals, funding thousands of mammograms for women in need, and much more. See how visitors made their clicks count in 2013.

More Than $30 Million Given To Charity By GreaterGood

Nov 1, 2013: This network of charitable websites began with the Internet’s first "Click To Give" website in 1999: The Hunger Site.

2.1 Million Refugees Create Extraordinary Economic Burden

Oct 14, 2013: Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO of Mercy Corps, recently toured the Syrian refugee camps and discussed the situation for host countries in this video interview from the Washington Post.

Aya's Future Put On Hold

Oct 2, 2013: Thousands of Syrian teenagers struggle to help familes survive in the refugee camps. Learn more about 17-year-old Aya's experiences and how our charity partner Mercy Corps is helping.

Helping Women Achieve Economic Success

Sep 25, 2013: Friendship Bridge provides women like Karina Walesca Tomin a chance to build a better a life for themselves, their families, and their community.

Situation Continues to Worsen For Syrian Refugees

Sep 23, 2013: But Mercy Corps was able to recently bring some new toys and a little joy to children living in the camps.

Friendship Bridge Gives Women The Tools To Fight Poverty

Jul 30, 2013: Helping create new businesses one micro-loan at time is how Friendship Bridge fights poverty in Guatemala.

Millions Still Need Help in Mali

Jul 25, 2013: Recent updates from Mercy Corps’ workers in Mali report that 1.4 million people still need immediate food assistance.

Feeding Families From Ground Up In Sudan

Jun 24, 2013: Mercy Corps provides emergency relief in times of disaster and then works with communities impacted to restore farms and food security. Learn more about their programs in Sudan with this video.

GreaterGood Grants Topped $300,000 In May

Jun 19, 2013: The Gifts That Give More program provided support for more than 100 charities operating worldwide.

GreaterGood Grants Help Clean-Up Aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado

Jun 4, 2013: GreaterGood grants will help Team Rubicon's efforts to clean-up tornado damage following the multiple strikes in Oklahoma in May.

Battling Malnutrition In Horn of Africa

May 24, 2013: While relief has come for many in the Horn of Africa, people in the region and aid workers around the world fear that the next cycle of drought and famine could deal a devastating blow to families and livelihoods.

Food Banks Already Needed Help Before Tornado Struck

May 21, 2013: Oklahoma City's largest food bank reports that they were serving thousands before the tornado struck. The state is the fifth hungriest in the nation.

More Mothers Helped By Mercy Corps

May 9, 2013: Around the world, mothers struggle to raise their families in times of crisis. Charitable partners like Mercy Corps make their lives a little easier.

Five Mothers Who Inspired Mercy Corps

May 8, 2013: Meet five women who are working hard to make a brighter future for their children with help from Mercy Corps.
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