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My Strength

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42. My life in the last year went from happy and healthy to absolutely crazy. My husband of 23 years left me, I was getting a divorce, and now this. I had found an amazing man only 3 months before I noticed the lumps, and I wondered if he'd stick around...

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The Cancer Phone Call

Breast cancer runs in Aniela's family, so she had planned to get a preventive double-mastectomy. But days before her appointment, she got a call from her doctor — and she recorded it.

Susan's Story

I was 47 years old. After my zumba class, I took a shower and felt a hard pea-sized bump in my breast. I called to get a mammogram the next day, as it was a few weeks away from my annual. They said I had to wait til it was due. Luckily my gynocologist got me in that day. That same week I had seen an attorney about filing for divorce…

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Change The Way We Fight Cancer

Genetic changes that drive tumors are highly variable, and a one-size-fits-all approach is clearly not effective. Instead of broad-brush therapies that destroy both cancerous and healthy cells, research is now focused on the unique and complex nature of each individual cancer. Already, information gleaned through genome sequencing is helping doctors reclassify tumors based on their genetic makeup, rather than their location in the body.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ go directly to the advancement of this unique and innovative research in the battle against cancer. Thank you!

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