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It's Not Always A Lump

It's common knowledge that a lump in the breast may indicate cancer, but breast cancer can also have other lesser-known symptoms. Learn more.

Illegally Captive

In the summer of 1963, 15 young civil rights activists (ages 12 to 15) were illegally imprisoned for two months for protesting against segregation. Their contributions to the civil rights movement cannot go unnoticed! Sign the petition urging President Obama to award the Medal of Freedom to these women.

Sign the petition to honor these girls!

Stop "Drive-Thru" Mastectomies

The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act (H.R. 1531) would guarantee insurance coverage for at least a 48-hour hospital stay for women who have undergone a mastectomy.

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Help a Woman During Breast Cancer Treatment

Some insurance companies do not cover the drugs that are prescribed by doctors to save breast cancer patients' lives. Low-income and underinsured women are then forced to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival. When insurance companies deny the costs of prescription medications, The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation steps in to fill the gap.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one day or one week of breast cancer medication, depending on how much you choose to donate. Thank you.

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