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My Boob Job

I had a boob job, and six weeks later I found a lump! I was absolutely devastated. I was in a brand new relationship and was terrified of losing my breast, my life and possibly the love of my life. I had gone through a messy divorce but then I had met James and everything seemed right...

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The Biggest Myth

I began experiencing stinging pains in the 12 o'clock position on my left breast in May, 2013. I ignored it. A month later, a marble-sized lump appeared. I've had cysts in my breast my entire life, and since it was tender and painful, I thought that's what it was. In early August, I was horrified to see it was now visible without even feeling it!

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Our Cancer Story

My husband was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in September 2012. The melanoma spread to his auxiliary lymph nodes, so he had them removed and started chemotherapy in January of 2013.

I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer in the beginning of 2013 at age 28…

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Wigs and More for Women with Cancer

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, through its program of Patient and Family Support Services, helps needy patients to better cope with the physical challenges that come with cancer treatments.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help a woman with the expense of a wig, wig fitting, breast prosthesis, or other similar need. Thank you!

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