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Hi my name is Shelley and I would I like to tell you my story because I believe you have to have a great Attitude I was first diagnosis with breast cancer at the age of 43 just a 4 months before my wedding. We were engaged for 13 years and I was finally having the wedding of my dreams, that was 1994. I found a lump while during my monthly exam (which is so important). After a mammography and biopsy I was told it was breast cancer. I would have to have a lumpectomy and 36 radiation treatments. I finished 4 days before my wedding. I had some difficulties with the radiation and wasn't sure I would make it down the isle but I did and the wedding was beautiful and so was the day. I lost my husband to cancer just 1 month short of our 3rd anniversary of a thyroid cancer. In 1998 I was diagnosis again that the breast cancer had metastasized to the bones, stage 4 breast cancer. I have been fighting breast cancer for 18 years. I had to have chemotherapy and radiation treatments for over 2 ½ years. Since then I had to have more lumpectomies and finally a mastectomy on my left breast.I live with cancer everyday. I'm telling this story because I feel without the support of others and not saying why me because why not you, you can get thru anything with a GREAT ATTITUDE!! I believe with the power of God and having a Great Attitude you to can make it. It may not be easy but nothing is easy in this world. I thank God every morning when I wake to find I'm still here. They call me the cat with 9 lives because I'm a survivor.

Shelley LaCross
Westfield, MA

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