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On 11/30/05 I found a lump on my left breast. Through the month of December I went through mammograms, needle biopsy & then meeting w/ the surgeon & was diagnosed on 01/06/06 w/ stage 2A Insitu left breast cancer at 35. 2 weeks later I had a bilateral (left) mastectomy & 7 negative lymph nodes removed. I had 6 rounds of IV chemo, w/ 3 aggressive meds, because I had 2 separate lumps w/ 1 of them being very aggressive. I hated Chemo, but I survived! On 08/20/06 my cancer was in remission. My husband, mom and close family surrounded me regularly. About 6 weeks later I started having shortness of breath & gaining weight. In 10/06 I was diagnosed w/ cardiomyopathy and CHF. Over the next 4 years I was in & out of the hospital, up-and-down with fluid retention, living on oxygen, wheelchair bound and continued heart weakness amongst other issues. Eventually on 07/09/12 I became extremely exhausted & my 2 young adult kids noticed something was wrong and called 911 & their dad. I was taken off work until I received a new heart. Only to confirm what I thought, one of the chemo meds caused all of this "MESS" by the end of 2013 I was placed at the top of The heart transplant list at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills Ca. and immediately admitted for monitoring until A matching heart was found. Through all of this I survived thru the Grace of God, my family & close friends who supported me I made it through breast cancer, heart problems and a successful heart transplant on 01/19/14. I just celebrated 8 years cancer free & 1 year with my new heart. I Found my lump myself at 35 & cancer does not run in my family. I was BLESSED to have my HUSBAND, FAMILY & FRIENDS Support because they never left my side. I continue to have lifelong challenges due to the side effects of my meds from the breast cancer and having to take life-sustaining meds for my new heart. But! through it all I SURVIVED!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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