2nd opinion can lead to early detection!

My breast cancer story began in March 2015 with an abnormal finding on my routine annual mammogram. Three days later I was having an ultra sound. The radiologist could see something, but suggested I return in 3 months for a follow up ultra sound to see if this was a quick changer. My husband and I did not like those words and the next day my husband had arranged a 2nd opinion appointment at another larger facility in downtown Chicago. After an appointment with a surgeon, more mammograms, another ultra sound & numerous core needle biopsies I was told on 4/29 that I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. With all the ultra sounds and needle biopsies I’ve had the past 10 years, there was no doubt in my mind that my first course of treatment would be a double mastectomy. I want the cancer out of my body asap. I was schedule for skin & nipple sparing surgery on 5/26. My cancer is Stage 2A and is ER+, PR+ & HER2+ and no lymph node involvement. I began chemo therapy, Taxol & Herceptin on 7/27. Fast forward 12 weeks and I had my last chemo 10/14. I will continue with Herceptin treatments once every 3 weeks until July 2016 and will have my reconstruction surgery in Feb. 2016. The stress in the early weeks, waiting to hear the news is almost unbearable. I do not wish that stress on anyone! My husband has been amazing and I couldn’t have survived those weeks without him & his support. Also my family and friends have been a great support during recovery from surgery and my chemo treatments! No one should go through this alone! My recovery is still not over and my life is far from normal, but I am cancer free! I am a breast cancer survivor! I had been diagnosed and had my surgery before the "come back in 3 months" suggestion from the first facility. Early detection and a 2nd opinion is very important.
Gerie Meier
Spring Grove, IL