A Double Whammy at our house

In 1994 I had breast cancer and had a lumpectomy on Aug. 3, 1994. On August 5th, 1994 my husband had a massive stroke which left him paralazed on his left side. There was a black cloud over our house that would not go away. Unfortunately, he only lived for two years. I took care of him for 2 years and operated a daycare business at my home while doing 6 weeks of radiation. Had 2 more occurances and am still here 15 years later. Dr. MaryJane Houlihan from The Breast Center at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Mass. was my breast cancer surgeon and I consider myself very lucky to have had her. She studied under Dr. Susan Love. I remember what it meant to have support from family and friends back in 1994. I am only too glad to click on the Breast Cancer Site every day. That it the very least I can do.
Maureen F. Watts
Pembroke, Mass., MA