A long, meaningful journey

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 1999. I was shocked as we had no history in the family but I've since learned that this is not that unusual. I went through a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation and thought I was saying goodbye. But in 2005 the cancer returned. I was not very happy but didn't realize at the time that this was stage four and my life was in danger. I've read all of the stories on the internet and in magazines and know that my time is supposed to be limited. I'm actually getting to the spot in time when I should be failing but I'm not! I'm feeling great and handling the chemo well. I keep myself busy - not working as that's too tough, but lots of other things to make me feel vital. I have my first grandchild and I'm loving that. I've decided that all the statistics can take a hike - I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I'm loving life!!
Kandy Palmeri
Lancaster, NY