Battling the unknown

When I was diagnosed with Cancer in October 2008, I had no idea of how much I did not know. Most of us know someone who has had it but ultimately know very little about there journey. I can now say that experience will remain the best teacher. However, the 1st reaction was fear and fear can waste time. Thanks be to God it was short lived (1) day to be exact. I told my husband, he contacted my friends, we talked with our (6) children, and started my journey. I think that many doctors do patients a huge disadvantage, by assuming this is something we can handle. I feel that the 1st person I saw should have been a survivor or counselor. I needed to be immediately partnered with someone who understood what I was feeling and what I needed to do next. My blessing came within a week; two women came to my immediate rescue. Because of the close network of friends I had without my knowing I had a team of women to help me with what started as a journey and has proven to be a daily battle. These women helped my husband and I make decisions about my course of care, provided me with literature that helped us understand my cancer, and have provided emotional support to keep me smiling and happy when I thought I couldn't bear anymore. My trials and tribulations are far more than I can share in such a short amount of time. But I want to be clear all women diagnosed need some form of support offered thru there doctors. Don't make victims of this disease have to stumble through there care unnecessarily. There are so many women willing to give back.
Hawthorne, CA