Breast cancer-not in the Breast?

In Oct.2008, I had a mammogram which came out great. In Feb. 2009, my right breast started burning. Finally a local doctor told me to take aspirins. Driving in the car that day, something told me to check under my arm. I found a lump. I had never self-checked. My diagnosis was stage 3 aggressive breast cancer even though my breast was clear. I am now on my 3rd chemo treatment with operation to follow and radiation. A week ago an ultrasound could not find the place showing the treatment was working. We can raise money for cancer and run all day, but until people can get the word out for the importance of checking under the arm, many will die. I was lucky. Practically every woman I speak to does not self-check. This is rarer than finding cancer on the breast but it does happen, and we must speak out and warn women with our personal experiences. Mammograms are apparently not as useful in finding breast cancer out of the breast. Doctors do not know how I found the place. Maybe I found it so that I could help spread the word. As soon as I was diagnosed, the burning left at once.
Dianne Hollingsworth
Cartersville, GA