"Don't wait 6 months!"

So... I was at my regular annual mammogram and the Dr noticed calcifications .. his recommendation was 'let's watch this and please come back in 6 months for another reading". As I was sitting there with the Dr and the radiologist and he gave me the news and walked out of the room, the radiologist turned and watched him leave the room and close the door and she turned to me and said ' If I were you honey, I wouldn't wait 6 months at all - it's easy enough to go get a biopsy done - painless and if nothing comes of it - fantastic, but then you will know". So I took her advice and well - that started my journey - 1 biopsy, 3 lumpectomies and 1 masectomy later and that was 5 years ago. I think of her often and wonder if she saved my life by contradicting the Dr's advice... I thank God for her daily!
Rhonda Baker
Charlotte, NC