I found a lump on my right breast on January 4, 2016 - 2 months after my annual mammogram. I immediately panicked and went to my OBGYN. He told me it was nothing but sent me down to radiology "just to be sure". The technician took one picture and left the room only to return with the radiologist that said it looks concerning and that I need a biopsy! I immediately called my sister and booked a trip to Florida! On January 20 I had my biopsy and two days later heard the scariest words "Invasive Ductal Carcinoma". Stage 1, 1.9 cm, grade 3 and Estrogen Receptor Positive (10%). From there it was a wild ride of getting THREE opinions and finally sticking to one center where I found myself a great team. March 23 I had a double mastectomy - my choice because I never wanted to have this happen again! I was never so afraid in my life for surgery, it was my first surgery ever and I had no idea what to expect. It went really well and I honestly felt great after. The pain was manageable and I was up and around after a few days! I was ready to start my injections that would lead to my reconstruction in a few months! April 1 I was told my pathology results - the 1.9 cm, grade 3, stage 1 tumor was in fact 4 cm, grade 3, stage 2 but that all lymph nodes are clear! Great news. April 6 I went for my first saline injections. Painful but again manageable. April 7 I was told I need 8 rounds of chemo. The words I prayed for months not to hear! Now my reconstruction gets put on hold, I am terrified of what will come, losing my hair, the impact this will have on my life but I am ready to fight because I know I am not alone. NO ONE IS ALONE IN THIS! We have each other and that is why I wanted to share my story. WE WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING!
Nancy Salvatici
East Windsor, NJ