Family and Friends

I have two types of cancer not related to each other.The Dr said I was a Text book case. I knew the lump was there but I had no insurance and no money and figured I was doomed. I have a great sister that betrayed my trust and I am very glad she did by telling my daughter which I didnt want to worry she had ,had enough sorrow already I didnt want to add more. My daughter text me and told me I was seeing her Dr boss no questions ask that was a month ago I have had a breast removed and will be treated with chemo for the other cancer. God has been with me I thank him daily. There is help for ppl like myself with out insurance or money through local foundations as the Bible says "ask and you shall fine " My Dr showed us the way and God will see us through it.Trust in God and Family and Friends they are my support group.With out my God and Daughter and Friends I would still be lost.
Frisco, TX