Get your mammograms!

Thank God for mammograms. My yearly mammogram in 2001 showed a gray shadow of my left breast on the far left side. It was nothing that I could feel. In tears I followed up with a surgeon which revealed a lump. She felt it so I could find it. I had my lumpectomy surgery on the morning of 9-11-01 (yes, during those terroist plane attacks). A day I'll never forget where I was. After the surgery the surgeon told my husband and I that what she removed looked very suspicious. My husband would have fainted if he weren't sitting on the bed next to me. He felt sick. I took it as well, it's gone and I feel fine. Lab tests confirmed the next day that I had a cancerous tumor the size of a pea. It was caught early!!!!! Healing from surgery I then went on within 2 weeks to have a lymph node mapping. Thank God for early detection. Results revealed no cancer cells in my lymph nodes. I continued with 6 weeks of daily radiation tiring me out and chose to dismiss chemotherapy. I am thoroughly grateful to my gynecologist, all exams and surgeons, hospitals and radiologists that took care of me. I was 42 years old then. I am now age 50, feeling fine and celebrating each mammogram test that comes out negative. I have 5 children, 3 grandchildren and wouldn't want to have missed another day. I'm very thankful.
Tamara Andersson
Caro, MI