God watching over me

The end of February 2016, I decide at age 62 I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. I have never had any major health problems, not on any medications. I went to the doctor and he ordered a mammogram. I hadn't had one since 2005, I started to head home and call later for an appointment to get it done. Something told me to go to the hospital right then and set up the appointment. When I arrived at x-ray department they told me that they had a cancellation and they could do it right then. So I had it done. About a week later I was informed there was something in my right breast and I need to see a surgeon. My doctor called and got a surgeon to see me, he had another mammogram done and a ultra sound. Then he came in and told me that I need a biopsy in two different areas of my right breast. Then 3 days later I was informed that I had ducts carcinoma non invasive situ, that I could have a lumpectomy or as mastectomy, That if I did the lumpectomy I had to have radiation therapy. I have decided to have the mastectomy, which will be done on Monday May 2. My husband has been there and given me so much support. I'm a nurse and I know that I should have had my mammogram done yearly, and it is my the grace of God that I went to the hospital that day, because if I hadn't went I know that I would never have gotten the mammogram. I'm also have reconstruction surgery done at the same time, I know I have a long road ahead of me, but at least I will be here for my family.
Pamala Lukehart
Hillsboro, MO