Gracie's Story - a Success Story

Despite the fact that breast cancer has a better survival rate than many other forms of the disease, being diagnosed with it is utterly terrifying. There are no guarantees for what lies ahead in the short or long term, aside from the fact that it will be painful and difficult. "Gracie’s Story: Fighting to Survive Breast Cancer" is the story of one woman’s survival from the shock of diagnosis to the joy and relief of becoming a cancer survivor. Gracie was used to taking care of everything herself. A single mother of three, she was not easily scared. But learning she had Stage Three breast cancer was frightening. Facing the year-long road ahead of surgery and radiation was frightening. But Gracie was determined not to let that fear control her. She resolved to seek out happiness and laughter through every step of the long, painful road ahead. Now she is sharing how she did it and the difference it made to her in this newly published book. Living and Laughing through Treatment and Recovery. Three cornerstones held Gracie up through her experience of diagnosis, a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments: love, support and a positive attitude. For Gracie, staying positive became part of staying alive. She credits her ability to focus on things that brought happiness and laughter into her life with helping her come through cancer. Support from loved ones is important, but reading the words of someone else who has been through the diagnosis and treatment and come out the other side as a survivor offers a deep sense of hope and encouragement. "Gracie’s Story: Fighting to Survive Breast Cancer" is not just optimistic get well wishes; it is one woman’s real life survival guide. In other words, it is an important read for anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer and those close to them. "Gracie’s Story: Fighting to Survive Breast Cancer" available now on Amazon worldwide in paperback and electronic form.
Phoenix, AZ