Grateful for Free Mammograms

I have had a history of benign (thank fully) breast cysts. I had one cyst needle aspirated with the possibility of having to have a breast biopsy and possibly surgery to remove any suspicious cells. That resulted in me having to have 2 mammograms per year for 3 years. Thankfully when I was diagnosed with 12 benign cysts I was told by the radiologist ( who my breast surgeon referred my case to) said if I didn't have any pain , no cysts needed to be aspirated. Boy was I thankful as having one cyst needle aspriated was painful enough. Because of some life situations I was on COBRA and couldn't afford to pay those costly premiums on the low income I had on Social Security Disabiltiy. Thanks to a free clinic which referred me to the Hope Project of the American Cancer Society I was able to have a mammogram for free and I was symptom free. So if you think that it reallly isn't worth clicking on this site every day think about women, like me , who depend on your charity so they can get free mammograms.
Deborah Frichette Kurecka
Lake Worth, FL