How will I tell My Babygirl

When you go in for your yearly womanly check up you never think that they will find breast cancer. They did all I could think of how am I going to tell my 10 yr old babygirl. I am a single Mom and She and I have been through so much. Even though I have a Family history of it Mom, Aunts, Grandma, 2 out of 3 sisters. My oldest sister and I went to My Mom's to tell my daughter she took it pretty well or so I thought when we were alone she cried and said I don't want you to die. I told her that God knows how much we need each other and he will not let that happen. So we talked and I made my decision I would take them both off and reconstruct just get rid of it they are not important what is important is being her for my daughter. I personally was very lucky I had a wonderful Mom and Daughter to be with me after all my surgery's and wonderful family and friends. My lil girl washed me, helped me get dressed, measured and drained my tubes she was a God send. She is truely my Angel Baby.I have had four surgery's the last yr. But I have had wonderful doctors. Because of the way I did this whole process and because I did the Oncotype test I did not have to have chemo or radiation. This test show from your cancer what your changes are of it coming back I am at 9% so my Doctor said even with giving me chemo or Radiation it would bring me to a 7% or take Tamoxifen for five yrs and monitor you. Have a Super Fantastic Day ! Thanks Family and Friends
Littlerock, CA