I am a SURVIVOR! On Aug 28 2007 I had a mammogram. On Sept 4 I had my first appt with Surgeon he requested to do a biopsy On Sept 10 I had follow up with DR which changed my life forever when I heard it was Cancer and I needed a mastectomy of the right breast ASAP. I had a bi lateral Mastectomy. The news to my family was it was not in my lymph nodes and would only take oral chemo. I was ok if there is anything ok about cancer. I went back to my surgeon to get The bad news that my pathology report was Misread and it spread into my lymph nodes They took out 14 lymph nodes it had spread into 3 of them which now meant Full blown chemo. On Thanksgiving day 2007 I hit black ice and when I did I hit gravel which then sent me into a ditch which flipped my car over and ripped the top of my car right off and my face hit a fire hydrant. The hospital shipped me to a bigger hospital. I had never been in so much pain it took 4 days when a surgeon took me as a patient and did surgery on my 50th B-day and claims I was his worse case Ever to survive. He put 7 Plates under my left eye 7 plates in my left Jaw 5 plates in the right jaw. I had surgery on my 50th birthday because of all of this as of today I have had 17 surgeries They say God never gives you more then you can handle but I sure wish he didn't trust me so much My Drs say I deserve a nice vacation which I hope to do some day.
Debbie Mckenney
Marysville, MI