I am stronger cause I had to be.

A little over a year ago I got the devastating news that I had breast cancer. Invasive lobular carcinoma, stage II. Wow, it shocked my world. With no family history, being fit ,exercising and eating healthy, I found myself struggling to accept this news. I had so many questions which doctors couldn't answer, so I did what everyone else does, Started reading on internet and bombarded myself with too much information about breast cancer. The initial treatment was surgery and radiation,but because of one lymph node involvement chemo was suggested as well. They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I guess I could handle it. Here I was, 41 years old, a single mom, raising two kids all by myself and having to deal with cancer. I knew I was strong,but this was out of my hands. I was scared and worried about my future,but I couldn't let the kids see the fear in me. I made a decision to fight and not to let cancer take over my life.Luckily I was able to handle the treatments really good,I never got sick, worked the whole time and continued to be there for my kids. After 2 surgeries, 4 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation, here I am celebrating my first anniversary as cancer free, wishing and hoping for many more to come .One thing I learned from this experience,that life is so unpredictable and cancer doesn't discriminate,it affects young and old, rich and poor. So these days I choose not to live in fear,I enjoy life a little more and spend more time doing the things I love to do with my family. And to everyone that has cancer or knows someone battling cancer,I tell them to fight and never lose hope,giving up is not an option.Keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people,it makes a big difference.
Aida Meta
Trinity, FL