I am surviving the survival of breast cancer

1 year after a "clean" mamogram I learned I had 3 types of breast cancer. A double mastectomy, the cancer had spread. So, 7 months of chemo and 3 months radiation. The strength that I had seems surreal then and now. 6 surgeries since March 15, 2006 to today March 23, 2009. This disease has taken a toll on my financial pocket. All my medical bills paid in full... with the exception of the deductibles of my last surgery - November 17, 2008. I have asked for payment plans from everyone. I am the rock of support to my family and friends. A mortgage officer, past 2 years business is thin. All financial resourses--exhausted. Always the one to lend money. So close to decent income ... But close will not cover my expenses next month. It just doesn't seem fair, to survive with dignity the treatments of breast cancer... and halted... when you believe... it is all behind you. I do not yet have a "clean" bill of health. I feel though, It may be behind me. The radiation was too much .. and it continues to visit my body. I have several side effects from the chemo.... So... here I am wanting to pat myself on the back... and wondering if next month.. I will be able to keep the shirt on it!
Leslie Garber
Washington, DC