I did it my way

Like most of us it was when I took a bath and was drying off that I happened to look in the huge mirror over our sinks and noticed a small proturshion on the right breast, It looked like something small as a pea had been inserted in it. I decided to make an appt. and also decided which hospital I would go to, I called the hospital first to ask which women doctors operated there. She did the biopsy and gave me the results,advised me to go home and make an appt.later, if I wanted to, I said,no I won't come back if I do that. I asked to be put into the hospital right away. The right breast was removed. I asked for an implant but was advised to wait to see what treatment would be given. I took Chemo. from the doctor that prescribed the combination. I notice warts growing on one hand on the thumb and finger, and along the way at about nine months my feet were beginning to swell. and I was gaining weight fast. I mentioned this to the doctor,and was not satisfied by the way he handled my questions on this. So I told my husband thats it! I won't go back for more of the chemo. I was told I needed to do it one year! During my recovery I had the usual visit from supporters,but the one they sent to me only depressed me! So I didn't want anyone to come. I took myself to the mall many times and walked and walked until I was used to the "new breast" as it felt like a ton! I walked a lot with friends and strangers. I have been free of cancer for 25 years now.
Joan Hintzke
Vancouver, WA