I Did It My Way

In May of 2005, I had bariatric surgery. I weighed 387 pounds. In August I had gout as a result of the new high protein diet and also got a "bad" mammogram. I had lost 87 pounds, so they could finally "see" through the dense breast tissue. (I was a 48-DD) Small, less than stage 1 cancer in left breast which had broken out into the milk ducts. My choice at age 59 was a bilateral mastectomy. I wasn't giving cancer a second chance and I wanted symmetry on my chest. Drastic choice; could have gone with radioactive seed beads or lumpectomy followed by radiation. My choice was to get it done and move on...didn't want to worry about a reoccurence in the same or the other breast in 5-10 years. I am now 235 pounds...No breast reconstruction, no desire for it...and NO REGRETS...I am a survivor, but I also consider myself "cancer-free".
Meriel Collins
Wahiawa, HI