I Made It

My journey began early Nov 2007 I had my annual Mammogram. One week later the report said all is fine, see you next year. Thanksgiving night, I did my own breast exam and found a lump in the nipple. Fortunately I had my annual GYN appointment the following Monday. She was not concerned but ordered an ultra sound, that came back inconclusive, recommended a biopsy. Had that done, came back cancer. It was invasive but my tumor was only .08 cm and no Lymph Nodes had been affected. In Feb 2008 I had a bi-lateral Mastectomy, late Feb discovered I had contracted MRSA at the hospital. Spent six weeks with a PICC line in my arm receiving Vancomicin treatments for 2 hours every single day. March 2008, had my expanders removed, MRSA contaminated them. Waited until July 2008, had the expanders put back in, with another PICC line for one week of treatment before, during and after this surgery. Late July began expanding. Nov 08, had my implants. April 2009, had nipple reconstruction done and left implant readjusted as it had fallen. Will have Areola tattooed in 4-6 months. I did not have to have Chemo or Radiation. No family history. Always had regular Mammogram's, I do take Femara daily for 5 years, 4 to go. Prayer, my great support team, great team of doctors, and a whole lot of Faith got me through this journey. Praise be to God for healing me . The journey is almost over and I'm ready to have my life back free of surgeries and disease. DO THOSE SELF EXAMS ! ! ! ! !. It SAVED my life.
Cocoa, FL