I thank God that I am Still Here

In September 2006, I had a regualr mamogram. I always kept my check-ups like I should. About a week after the mamogram, I received a letter stating that I need to see my gyn doctor concerning it. I had to have a biospy done and follow up with an breast specialist. From there is when I learn that I had breast cancer in my right breast. That will be a day that I will never forget. Ladies keep in mind that I didn't have a lump,pain or any signs that something was wrong. The doctor told me that it was the kind cancer that spreaded quickly and I had to have surgrey right away. I had it on October 16, 2006. I thank God that I didn't have to have chemo and that it hadn't spread anywhere else in my body. I had my right breast rebuild; that how I like to put it and you would never be able to tell it, if I didn't say anything. So ladies just because you don't have pain, lumps that doesn't mean that you can't get breast cancer. You know when we hear the big "C" word we get nervous. But I thank God that I have the FAITH in him to beleive in his words. I thank God that I have a loving Husband, Children, Sisiters, Brothers,Pastor,church members, and friends that were there to support me and still are today. I just would like to say as I come to the end of my story that we have to keep each other in prayer, cause you never know who will be next. I also would like to thank God for the person(s) that put this website together. Ladies remember: There is nothing to hard for God
Linda Long
Jackson, MS