I'm a breast cancer survivor of 15 months

My story; I had been working with the A. C. S.'s Relay for Life events for 6 years as Luminary Chair for the Town of Fletcher in Western North Carolina and now Henderson County. My grandmother died of breast cancer in 1956, so I knew it was in my family. My husband had died of cancer and my brother is a 9 year thyroid cancer survivor. I had my yearly mammogram in December 2007 and received a call for additional views. The radiologist wasn't satisfied with those; did an ultrasound to look further; still not convinced and said I could have it watched or do a biopsy. With my work with Relay I said do the biopsy please. Four days before Christmas 2007 my doctor called to tell me that I had breast cancer! Of course I was shocked and cried. My doctor said it was early but we needed to get it taken care of immediately. He referred me to a wonderful surgeon in Asheville and within a day I was being seen by Dr. Robert Moffatt who explained all my options and wanted my answer the day after Christmas if I would have a masectomy or a lumpectomy. I decided on the lumpectomy with the 35 radiation treatments. My oncologist said chemo would only increase survivor rate 2 to 3% so I didn't have it; I take a hormone pill for 5 years. My family, boyfriend, and friends rallied around me as well as my Relay family and my mamogram last November was great. My family and friends remarked about my positive attitude, but I knew everything was going to be fine with God and my doctors seeing me through this! I want to see my grandchildren grow up! I can't stress enough early detection is important!
Jan Sherlock
Hendersonville, NC