I'm still here...

I found out that I had breast cancer in 2002, 9 months after my sister passed away from it..I felt this lum and went and had it checked and the Dr. did some test and told me it was cancer..Surgery was 3 days later..Thought I was done and then..I started to have more pain..The Dr. said that the cancer was moving to fast and had to have a double masectomy the next morning..Went through chemo, radition..The chemo make me so sick I had a ahrd time doing anything and to stop workng cuz of it..The day came and all the chemo & radition was over and I thought..YES..I can move on with my liife..Then in Jan 2009 I started feelling sick again and once again the cancer came back..So I am now doing chemo again..Radition & surgery are out of the question for me this time..I am going to beat this..I have a grandchild on the was & my dream is to move to Az to be close to my daughter and the baby..I already lost a grandson..at 6 weeks of age..I never got to see him..So I am going to go at this FULL FORCE..do whatever it takes to beat this..All I have to say is I strongly say PLEASE get your regular check-ups and do your self exams..This is my 4th time with this and if i have made it this far..so can all of you..I want my life back and my dream to come true..SO PLEASE KEEP ON TOP OF IT.. Thank you,& best wishes to all of you who are fighting cancer..I wish all of you the best of luck!!
Salt Lake City, UT