In 1999 my sister died of Breast Cancer at the age of 43

I am a Breast Cancer Survival. On 2009 I had my first Biopsy and in 2011 I had an excisional biopsy both were benign, but after the excisional biopsy I started feeling something in my left breast so I got a sonomamagraphy, mamography, spot compression,it said probably benign, evaluation in 6 months, I told the doctor no, that I had something there so he checked me and sent me to get an MRI. The MRI came back highly suspicious for malignancy. On august 2012 my results were infiltrating Duct Cell carcinoma Grade II and Ductal Carcinoma in-situ Grade III, ER and PR negative and HER-2 positive. I had a bilateral Mastectomy which was going to be with reconstruction, I even got the expanders in, but after the surgery I got a blood clot in my leg which they put me on blood thinners and had a stent put in, then I got necrosis in my nipple and aereola so they had to operate a second time to take out my nipples and aereolas. Once I was recuperating they sent me home, but I didn't last a day because my chest started getting black so I had to go back to the hospital, which they found out I had a hemorragh in my chest. Since they had to operate on me a third time to clean me I told my doctor to take out the expanders, because I wasn't going to do reconstruction and thank God I did because the expanders had blood clots in them. I was in the hospital for almost 2 months because of all the complications. I went to the oncologist and I got 12 Taxols, 4 red quimos and 18 herceptins, I finished my quimos on May 2014. I did the Brac analysis test and came out positive for the Brac 2 mutation, my cancer is hereditary and is an invasive cancer. In february of 2014 my father died of breast and kidney cancer which metastisized. I thank God and my family and friends for praying for me and that I am alive and in remission.
Irma Rivera
Lares, PR