Intraductal papilloma

I am a 51 year old woman who developed a discharge from my nipple late Feb 2009... It went from being a yellow colour to a bloody red, then a dark bloody red. I went to the doctor who informed me "I don't like bleeding breasts," and he referred me to a breast clinic for follow up. Mammogram and ultrasound did not show anything abnormal. Pathology came back with a few atypical cells. The result was that I had a total duct excision on the 12th June 2009. My first visit to the breast clinic was May 2009, so in the space of a few weeks I had the op, and the result is all clear, praise God, they found a benign intraductal papilloma, and all the "iffy" cells are gone. I am so thankful for modern surgery and a leaking breast, as I would not have had any idea that anything abnormal lay under there. So now I have the "all clear," and a smiley scar under the left nipple area to remind me how grateful I am to modern surgery and pathology. If in doubt... get it checked out, it may save your life at a later date.
Rockingham Western Australia, Australia