May 19.

My mother died long ago on May 19, 2000.I cant stop thinking of her, things like would she be proud, that im 18 ive grown up so much. all that i can do is cry, and think of her. its a good thing im doing this or so I like to tell myself that, because i do so badly want to remember everything. her smile, eyes, heartbeat, touch. just every little thing you could ever think of. I want. I need this woman to come back, for me to wake up and it be just a bad dream, although i know it can never be that way, ill always hope for something like it. She was my life my everything. the guidance i need now more than anything. i love her, so much. and miss her everyday of every second. Shes never left my heart nor soul not even for a second. My mind clustered with things of her, things i push and strive to keep back. Final Fantasy 7 has been my favorite game ever ive been ploaying it sincee i was really little. In the Advert Children movie theres always a part that makes me cry and its when cloud says, "But i let you die.." that part always makes me think of my mother, because even so young i did nothing to help. But maybe being there was enough, I love my mother...and i miss her like crazy... My mother was close enough to being perfect than any i know. She was angel, a true angel....
Amanda Saint
Cullman, AL