My Best Friend

For 42 years I was lucky enough to have the same best friend. I called her Chrissy, to everyone else who loved her, she was Eileen, which was her real name. For 20 of those 42 years, she battled breast cancer. She was a real trooper. Raising 2 boys by herself, which isn't easy when you're healthy! Working full-time until about 3 years ago when she reluctantly realized that she had to slow down. She had 3 younger sisters, and after these girls lost both parents to this horrible disease, Chrissy made it her job to keep everyone together as a family, not easy when the family core is gone. Making sure holidays, birthdays, and anything else important, were spent together. It was about 8 months ago that her body began to react negatively to all it had gone through. Radiation, chemo, more chemo, a different chemo, more radiation, more chemo... and there she was, still caring for all those around her, she never let herself come first, no matter how hard we tried to care for her. My brave, beautiful, best friend lost her fight at 7:25 am, today, May 18, 2009. Please, whoever may read this, just take a minute to wish her well on her journey. Thank you. Chrissy, I love you tons and always. Boo
Arlene Sanborn
Vallejo, CA