My Best Friend's Journey

My name is Nancy Sharpe and this story is about my best friend. The following paragraph is from a blog written by Ashley Neal about her mother. "My amazing mother, Barbara Neal, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on October 2, 2008. After changing doctors, many mammograms, ultrasounds, tests, biopsies, MRI's, and countless trips to the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory, we finally know what type of cancer she has and are now ready to start the battle! She has been diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer called Triple Negative Metaplastic Carcinoma. She tested negative for the 3 main breast cancer receptors (the fuel that "feeds" the cancer)- the Estrogen Receptor, the Progresterone Receptor, and the HER2 protein receptor, thus the name Triple Negative. Metaplastic Carcinoma is a rare sub-type of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. This type of cancer has an aggressive nature so mom and her team of gifted doctors are going to attack it head on! It is going to be a long battle but I have no doubt that with God, family, friends, doctors, along with my mothers fighting spirit, this is a battle she will WIN!" Barbara has only two more chemo treatments to go. She will then have a lumpectomy and radiation. Hopefully, by July 1, 2009, Barbara will be cleared of cancer. It has been a long hard battle for her. I have had the blessing of taking her to Emory hospital for many of her chemo treatments. We have been friends for over 37 years. I wanted to go through this journey with her. The picture is of Barbara and I at Emory for one of her treatments.
Nancy Sharpe
Sharpsburg, GA