My Husband

My husband calls me a ‘right tit’ and wants to draw on my head! He says I look like a lollipop when I’m glowing bright red. But he also cleans up my vomit as I frequently miss the loo, He never moans or complains, which makes me feel better too. He says I remind him of Kojak, then smiles and thinks he’s funny, But in my world he is, he makes a rainy day seem sunny. He sits through all my chemo which must be such a bore, And pushes and encourages me when I say I can’t take anymore. He’s changed my manky dressings and injected me in the belly, I bet that wasn’t a pretty sight as it wobbles just like jelly! And after my operation, the time I got stuck in the bath, He had to pull me out but we did have a good laugh. He says he thinks I’m gorgeous but I think he’s telling lies, But he says that I’m his wife and I am beautiful in his eyes. It doesn’t bother him that there’s no boob and just a scar, He says the other one is big enough and makes up for it by far! He makes me put my feet up and get plenty of rest, He does the washing and the housework, he really is the best. He treats me like a Princess and looks after me so well, He’s made life much easier when it could have been quite hell. He’s seen me at my worse, and held me as I’ve cried, And when I’ve said ‘I’m fine’, he knows if I have lied. It must be hard for him, when he sees me in such pain, I know he wants to take it away and make me well again. So I thank you my dear husband, my lover, my best friend, You’ve helped me through my cancer, eased my path to mend. Soon I’ll get the all clear and we will have such a fab life, I love you Simon Munro-Webb, and am so blessed to be your wife.
Samantha Munro-Webb
Murcia, Spain