My Mom the Rock

I knew my mom was a strong woman, all of my 44 years. I had no idea how strong till she got cancer. I fell apart but she said "I will be fine don't get upset till I do." To tell the truth all 6 of us kids where in shock - how could our mom have cancer, what kind of joke is this? I was in shock being her oldest daughter. I had to go away from her and the situation for a whole day to just get myself together. I got back home and she and I talked about the procedure and all of the choices to be made. Chemotherapy and radiation, two words she had heard but never knew how or why, but now she does. My mom took the option to lose both breasts. No more bras for her. My mom is free at last and she is very happy. I am happy for her. Mom has been in complete remission for over a year and all of the tests are good and she is doing great. My mom is the best mom and she still keeps right on going, nothing can slow her down. This year she will be 70 but you couldn't tell it. I am very proud to be her daughter.
Kellie Balaoro
Garland, TX