My Mom

I have a story to tell. My Mom, Rose Ciochon. Written by Marie Basara, one of her daughters. In 1970, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and they did a radical. It is not fun sneaking into the hospital and hearing that you mom didn't want to live disfigured. She only did the surgery for us 3 kids. She cried. My dad was sick for years with Emphysema and she was a caregiver, she lost him in 84 and I cry with her. We never knew she had breast cancer as kids, but we found out as teens. My mom, she strives and survives and is 84 and wild. She's had some hard times this year with autoimmune issues, but she strives to beat the odds every day. There was no support then, but now, there is. We do the Knauz drive every year and have fun. They make her feel good, she puts on her pink hard hat and we drive. She is recognized as a long time survivor. She is so amazed that there are the support groups, surgeons and openess about this disease. She was disfigured after a surgeon tried reconstruction, lost jobs from being sick from the infections, she cried. MY MOM IS MY HERO and a 39 year survivor for us and deserves all the happiness in the world. She is our world and we love her and we are greatful for every day we have with her. Her family that love her so much: Frank/Carol, Brent/Marie, Janee/Dave/Grandson Jakey; Grandpets; Hannie, Brandy, Tivo, Summer, Black-Jack, Peanut, Fauna. Mom deserves the world of happiness............ We love you mom.
Marie Basara
Salem, WI