My Mother

My Mother was Wendy English and she lost her fight to breast cancer. She had breast cancer on and off for about six or seven years. I was eleven years old when she died and i was lucky. My dad let me spend the last two weeks of her life with her in Boston. She was an amazing mother and my best friend. She loved me with all of her heart and she was so sad when she wasnt able to take part in the avon walk for breast cancer in 2006. She died on April 17th 2006 at the age of 42 and it broke my heart. iIwas so angry at everyone for letting and 11 year old girls mother die of an awful monster that took over her body. Now i see that i cant change that, but i can do my part to try to not have any other little girls lose there mom, or anyone for that matter. I want to support the cure for breast cancer as much as i can. I own so many things from the breast cancer store. I am 14 years old now, and im ready to help people fight breast cancer for my mother.
Pleasantville, NY