My Niece, My Hero

Exactly eight years ago yesterday (June 26th) my niece was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. She had been to the doctor the previous year because she had found a lump in her breast. He told her it was a cyst and to come back in a year. By then it was spread to her bones, spine and numerous other places. She went through a bone marrow transplant, hundreds of Chemo treatments, PET scans every 6 months and a masectomy. She was poked, prodded, had blood work done over and over again and in short went through hell and back. And she seldom ever complained or had a pity party. She lived ever day to the fullest while the rest of us watched in total amazement at her courage. Yesterday she passed away. The cancer had reached her liver and nothing more could be done. If she had been sent for a mammogram on her first visit I believe that she could have been saved. To all other women - When you find a lump, insist on a mammogram right away or find another doctor who will order one. I cannot stess enough the importance of early detection. So click on the Pink button every day so that any women who needs a mammogram can get one.
Springfield, MO