My Poem

I was taking a shower when I first found the lump, It was in my left breast, a painless small bump. I wasn’t too worried, it’s a cyst, I assumed, I wasn’t to know then that a death sentence loomed! So off I went blindly to the doctors in town, Who pushed, poked and prodded my boobies around. They got squished into mammograms then covered in gel, The ultrasound I’m informed will have more to tell. The Initial tests done, I know something’s not right, Its cancer they’re saying so get ready to fight! Cancer? A tumour? But surely benign? A simple lumpectomy and then I’ll be fine! But oh no, it’s malignant, be urgent, act quick, This cancer is aggressive and will make you quite sick! It’s growing inside me, the cells dividing fast, And then I’m told this operation will not be my last! So now I’m preparing to lose my left breast, To put my feet up and get plenty of rest. ‘Cos after this op, the chemo will follow, Plus hormone tablets daily to swallow. So this is not over, and as battle commences, I know that the chemo will affect my defences. It may leave me quite poorly, and may make me feel ill, But who cares, I’m alive and I have a strong will! Don’t get me wrong though, the tears they have flowed, And although I am strong, my weakness has showed, I’ve been brave, I’ve been scared, I’ve been shocked astounded, But I’ve had so much love, I’m amazed and dumbfounded! Laughter helps me through, but so has lots of crying, It’s hard to think that without treatment I’m dying. Yet life carries on and I know I will too, So thank you to my family and friends – I love you!
Samantha Munro-Webb
Murcia, Spain