Devastated when i discovered a lump in my left breast i thought life was over .There followed a mastectomy(seemed to be the normal thing in those days) I was 42 years old and it was 1982. the trauma was the worst thing really as i had had no pain.No treatment was required i was told.About 2 years later i found another lump, same place so i underwent radiotherapy.All seemed well until 7 years later i found another lump in my right breast which again was malignent.A mastectomy followed after which i had chemotherapy.I took tamoxifen for over 5years. I am now aged 68 and although the trauma was difficult to deal with iwas lucky to have a good family and friends to help me through. I thought i would share my story with you as when i first had cancer at 42 years old i was introduced to an old lady (in the hospital actually) who had gone through breast cancer 20 years before and had survived (she was in hospital for a completely different problem) Her story gave me hope and i seemed able to carry on more easily. I hope i do the same for someone out there going through the same as i did I actially feel quite blessed in a funny kind of way .There can be life after breast cancer -- i am here to prove it. Good luck!
pat rimmer
southport england, United Kingdom