Not going to let it get me down FIGHTING

On 03/19/09 my ob/gyn gave me the news that my yearly mammo came back suspious. He then set me up with a surgeron to biopsy. On 4/7/09 I was told I had a 2 cm tumor of right breast that was positive for cancer. 9 days later I had the right modified radical mascectomy. Tests showed that right now lymph nodes are clear, so I have stage 2 invasive ductual . I am getting ready for my second a/c treatment of chemo in a couple of days. So far I am doing fine. Injection of Neulasta caused a little joint pain, Still working every day since 3 weeks after masectomy. Family, friends, and God great support Team. Have been a great supporter since of research since late 70's mother died of breast cancer in 1966 when only colbalt and radiation was used. Breast cancer is no loner a death sentence, so ladies please get those mammograms regularly. Spread the word.
Paula Booth
Omar, WV