Renee' s Story - Give Cancer the Boot

I found a lump on my right breast in August 2002. My GYN scheduled for an appointment the day after Labor Day to have the lump checked out. My doctor scheduled me for 3 tests on September 3, 2002. I went for my very first mammogram and Ultrasound of my right breast. The next day I went for my fine needle biopsy. On 9/9/02, I was scheduled for a right side lumpectomy. On 10/8/02, I had my 1st chemotherapy treatment. On 3/26/03 was my last Radiation treatment. Then on 4/24/04 I was having difficulty breathing so, I went to the hospital and that when I found out my cancer had spread to my lungs. On 5/25/04, I was told I have Bone Cancer. By 11/24/04 I already had 9 quarts of fluid removed from my lungs by a chest tube, more chemo. When I had my 2nd chest tube, an additional 4 quarts of fluid was removed. I have also had radiation on by back. On 8/15/06 they found active cancer to my clavicle, sternum, spine L2, L3 area, pelvic area, hips, knees, and feet. I go through bone scans, CT scans, pet scans, and blood work every 3 months. All of this started when I was 32 years old. I am the only person in my family that has had cancer. So far I've had: 331 Chemotherapy treatments, 50 Radiation treatments, 1 lumpectomy, 2 ports, 2 chest tubes, way too many bones scans, pet scans, ct scans, and blood work. I see my oncologist every 3 weeks, and I have blood work done weekly. So, I am at his office 52 weeks a year since I started seeing him in March of 2006. I now live in Ohio, before that I lived in Tennessee.
Renee Gasho
Jamestown, OH