She is alive in our hearts...

My Mother in law Rebecca Gutierrez had a mammogram in Dec of 97 it was clear, in Jan she got new health insurance. By the grace of God the new insurance required a physical exam performed by them. In a month a tumor had formed her breast they put her on heavy treatment. By Christmas of 98 she was in remission and my husband and I expecting the first grand daughter in the family. July 31, 06 she said something was wrong, the skin under her arm was pulling, she felt an indentation when she moved a certain way, one side of her body was tense. She was checked they found two small fat lumps "Calcifications" they said no worries, no biopsy needed. Her health deteriorated Doctors sent her to a Neurologist to get that tension looked at, 3 told her years of stress inflamed her Sciatica and put her into an induced coma which enabled the Cancer to take over. We told her to get checked here by Doctors she said she would see one last Dr. maybe he could find something. Mon 15, the dreaded phone call stage IV Tumor Metastases Cancer she had 7 tumors in her bones, one in her breast & her liver no chance of survival. She was approved for treatment at City of Hope arriving on the 29 very weak they told us the best thing to do is take her to the nearest emergency room. They gave her Morphine, sent her home. Feb 23, 10 days after my daughters 8th bday she was taken to Mexico where she passed on the 26 at 9:30am in her mothers home when her liver ruptured she was 53. Ladies after 5 years in remission you shouldn't worry I say you should
Maribel Carrillo
Mission Hills, CA