She was a fighter till the end

My sister found out she had breast cancer 3 years ago and she fought a long battle till the end... The cancer spread from her breast to her brain within 2 years and we thought she could beat it but last November the doctor told her she had about 4 months to live. I was crushed, how could my crazy red head big sister be dying? I did not want to accept she was going to die but we did accept it together. I would try to make the 3 hour round trip drive out to see her every other weekend so we could spend time together. In January my family finally was all together and we thought that was it but she fooled us all. I watched her decline over the last few months and it was obvious the cancer had taken a toll on her. Monday May 4, 2009 she said her last words to her son, Andrew I love you... She went to sleep and on May 6, 2009 early morning she stop breathing for good... She died where she wanted in the country with her son, best friend and our dad at her side. The hard part is now letting go, accepting that she is gone and that I will never hear her or see her again but I know she fought a good fight and she is finally at rest....I love you sis and will nvever forget who you were!!
McKinney, TX